RFID Tags for Jewellery & Retail

Our RFID Tags help to track and trace the items or products through location and inventory visibility. Manual systems of stock taking are extremely time consuming, take enormous effort and are inaccurate.

We have two types of RFID Tags for Jewellery & Retail:

1. Single Use RFID Tags                                         2. Multi Use RFID Tags

We provide the industry’s lightest reusable tags where these tags are unobtrusive and ensure that the aesthetics of the respective items remain intact. By using the RFID tags in place, batches of items can be scanned and detected right away. These RFID tags can be integrated into RFID jewellery system as well as the existing EAS security gates. It enables faster sales and accurate inventory of stocks of items in a minute. Apart from the reduction of inventory time consumption, the RFID management system cuts inventory costs for the retailer and also guards against theft. The chips are sealed internally of the PVC segments, every Jewellery / Retail RFID tag is represented a standalone or unique identity number to capture the full details of the product.

Features of RFID Tags

- Smooth and spacing in RFID Tags for Jewellery / Retail items can be used for providing various information about the product.
- These RFID Tags are highly secured and it can only be removed with the deactivator fixed on the counter.
- RFID Tags for Jewellery is available in different size & shape and in colors and it doesn't destroy the Jewellery projection.
- RFID for Jewellery tags are available in single or multi read/write capability.
- RFID Tags are Dust & Waterproof.
- RFID Tags are Flexible Read/Write Range.
- Insensitive to almost all non metallic materials.

Applications / Use of RFID tags

- The RFID Jewellery Tag is specifically designed to protect any Jewellery items especially high value jewellery including small, expensive accessories.
- Automatic tracking of items / products including secured storing and other areas.
- Hundreds of pieces of jewellery attached with RFID Jewellery tag can be read in seconds.
- Very effective in taking inventory of jewellery items / Retail Products by saving time spent and manpower utilized.

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